Effin Body Moisturiser

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The perfect Pre and a post lotion when using Fake tan. Suitable for all skin types. Fragrance Free Oil Free Alcohol Free 


Lightweight and non greasy moisturiser that hydrated and helps even the pH balance of the skin prior to tanning, enabling a smooth airbrushed tan that lasts longer and fades to perfection.

* Free of sulphates, silicones. Oil or essentials oils, fragrance, dyes and drying alcohols. Vegan and cruelty free.

Apply to hands or directly onto the body and massage all over.

Use 24 hours prior to applying fake tan. You can also apply more 8 hours beforehand to those extra dry areas. Continue Using daily to keep your sinless tan for longer.


water, Aloe Vera bel. Ethylhexyl palmitate, cetearyl alcohol, Zelda propanediol, glycerin, lsoprophyl myristate, Hylauronic Acid, Allantoin, Vitamin E, cucumber extract flower extract, grape seed extract, carbomer, polysorbate-20, sodium hydroxide, apple cider vinegar, phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin. 

Effin Hair Mongolian hair is the finest quality, 100% human hair. Our Mongolian hair is hand selected before production to ensure the highest quality. We have scoured the globe, tried and tested many different types of hair and this is our favourite for shine and longevity.
Effin Hair has been designed to maximize the amount of hair on each row of lace weft, which will enable you to wear fewer rows and still achieve a thicker look and help to add volume. The method used in our Effin Hair lace wefts achieves the same thickness from root to tip. 

The Effin Hair Double Drawn Lace Weft 
The double drawn lace weft is a new technique! An extremely rare formula, made possible with our years of extensive research and experience as a hair extension expert. What makes our method unique to anyone else, is that we provide the heaviest hair weight possible, for all lengths (20 inch plus) - 200g.
The lace design of the weft helps to achieve a flat, smooth, non-visible row of extensions. We’ve studied and tested many types of techniques and this is by far the best we have ever come across. The double drawn method will also quicken the process for hair extensionists when applying and the lace weft helps to prevent shredding. 
Effin Hair wefts can last anything from a few months, up to a year, or possibly longer! This all depends on how often you wear them and how you care for them, when in and out of your hair. The correct aftercare and regular maintenance (using Effin Hair's range of products and maintenance appointments with us) will increase the life span of your hair extensions. We recommend using only our Effin Hair products for after care. All of our Effin Hair extensions will be delivered on a complimentary Effin hair hair hanger, which will prolong the life of your clip-ins by keeping them protected when not in use.

14 day return policy for unused, unopened products. Hair extensions must still be attached to the card, otherwise no refund will be given.

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